Imperfect Recall

imperfect-recall-kdp-cover-smallIQTech changed the face of law enforcement and higher education when they perfected memory extraction and implantation, a technique that allows for memories and skills to be taken from one person and given to another. But when the company’s CEO, Brian Hollingsworth III, is bludgeoned to death in his office on the eve of revealing their latest innovation, his final memories mark a lowly extraction technician as the culprit. Protesting his guilt, the tech is left with no other option but to turn to private detective Samantha Malone for help.

In order to find the clues to exonerate her client, Sam must navigate the inner workings of this niche technology industry. She’ll find help in the strangest of places, like her old cop partner (and ex-lover), a school-friend-turned-medical-examiner, and even a pair of sisters who run a local strip club.

Sam plunges deeper and deeper into a world that she barely understands but when her life is threatened and the killer’s true motives revealed, even she has trouble believing what really happened.

My latest novel, Imperfect Recall, will be released March 14, 2017. You can preorder your Kindle copy on Amazon now.

If you’re interested in a paperback, fret not; it will be dropping same day as digital.